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to make a cow in English

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Kitty: how to say kitty in English? - Just to tune in, let's remember that making a kitty means joining financial efforts to ...

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I don't blame you

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I don't blame you is a very common slang, especially in American English. Do you know what I don't blame him means? If ...

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What Does Thrive Mean In Portuguese? Do you have any idea? That word is used a lot in English and it's super worth staying connected ...

Collocations, chunks and Oddities

Meaning of Priced Out

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What Does Priced Out Mean In English? What Does It Mean To Be Priced Out In English? This is another English tip from the blog ...

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In the English language, it is very common to use the verb to be followed by an adjective, when, in our language, generally (that is, not always), ...

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adjectives in English

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English Adjectives that Natives Love to Use is the theme of the newest English blog article on the keyboard. Have you noticed how some words ...

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See basic expressions for business meetings in English in this text. Are you going to attend an English conference call? See basic expressions that are practically ...
Caption Michel interview for CNN

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VICE PRESIDENT Michel Temer gave an interview to the CNN channel to talk about the current condition of Brazil and possible impeachment of President Dilma ...
you arrived in english

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How To Say You Got It In English And You Tried It In English? Recently we have received several questions from people subscribed to our Youtube channel ...

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Words That Are Countable And Uncountable In English exist in droves. Just check the dictionary for an endless sequence of them. However, did you know that ...


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