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Adoramos aprender e cada vez mais expandir o nosso vocabulário da língua inglesa. Navegue pelo Teclinhas e encontre respostas rápidas em Inglês para palavras e expressões da nossa língua.

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Ex: Shame on you. Ex:  Shame on you for being so rude.

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Ex: It was stupid of me to lose my temper.

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Ex: I have bigger fish to fry. Ex: Don't you have other fish to fry? Ex: Don't you have bigger fish to fry?

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Ex: To tell the truth, I couldn’t hear a word he said.

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Ex: I haven’t played drums for a while so I’m a bit out of practice.

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Ex: In practice women receive much lower wages than their male colleagues.

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Ex: It's a sort of greenish-blue colour. Ex: I sort of like him, but I don’t know why. Ex: Well, I sort of thought we could go out together...

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Ex: I'd been trying so hard to stay calm but in the end I just lost it. Ex: I completely lost it. I went mad.

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Ex: My poor grandmother started losing her marbles after she had a stroke

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Ex: Leaders will jostle for power on Thursday as they meet with the president. Ex: Since the fall of the government, the two opposition parties have been jostling for...

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