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Adoramos aprender e cada vez mais expandir o nosso vocabulário da língua inglesa. Navegue pelo Teclinhas e encontre respostas rápidas em Inglês para palavras e expressões da nossa língua.

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Ex: His house was within eye shot of the church. Ex: I have one nerve left. Ex: He is one step away from his childhood dream  

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Ex: When the leader failed to get elected, his supporters fell away one by one. Ex: She turned her back on him coldly.

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Ex: Would you care for some? Ex: Would you like some? Ex: Please help yourself to some cake.

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Ex: They gave away freebies in order to lure customers. Ex: They plan to launch an investment fund by raising $20m from investors.

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Ex: How do I keep abreast of the situation? Ex: The prudent investor is typically able to keep abreast of the information.

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Ex: The man snitched on his own mother. Ex: I would snitch so hard.

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  Ex: He’s a rotten excuse for a lawyer. Why on earth did you hire him? Ex: It was a miserable excuse for a meal. Ex: We have a failing...

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Ex: That's a lame excuse.

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Ex: Don't rush me! Haste makes waste! Ex: I know we are running out of time, but haste makes waste.

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Ex: Don't go off on a tangent! Ex: Daniel went off on a tangent about the high cost of living. Ex: Let’s stay with the topic and...

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