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Adoramos aprender e cada vez mais expandir o nosso vocabulário da língua inglesa. Navegue pelo Teclinhas e encontre respostas rápidas em Inglês para palavras e expressões da nossa língua.

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Ex: I worked hard to raise money for college, and then decided not to go.

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Ex: The delay  raised a red flag. Ex: Gaps in your employment history are red flags to employers.

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Ex: The survey was carried out by the government. Ex: Who conducted the survey?

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Ex: The app's website dramatizes the collection of information from police calls and social media postings. Ex: The book ends with an excellent bibliographic survey of Britain's far right since 1967. Ex:...

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Ex: You're not allowed to swim when the red flag is flying.

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  Ex: He's just trying to gain pity and save face. Ex: Everyone looked to see what was causing the commotion.

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Ex: His insincere friend was the evil genius who brought about his downfall.  

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Ex: Sometimes ugly scenes of member exchaning blows are seen in Assemblies.

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Ex: We said he left "to pursue other interests" to let him save face, but actually we fired him.

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Ex: People like you love to make an issue out of every ordinary matter. 

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