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I Ain’t Your Mama By Jennifer Lopez: is it plagiarism?

by Daniel Silva
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I ain’t Your Mama By Jennifer Lopez: is it plagiarism? – Just the other day I was working on our English Blog channel at Youtube.com. We all know Youtube often suggests most viewed videos based on popularity. It was then when Youtube displayed Latin-American Jennifer Lopez’s new video from her song I Ain’t Your Mama (see image bellow).

I Ain't Your Mama By Jennifer Lopez

I didn’t know about this song until that day and decided to take a chance at it. According to Youtube, the video was published on may, 6th of 2016, and since then ‘I ain’t your mama’ video has hit 26 millions views worldwide. Not bad, not bad at all. I bet there must be many rebellious wives out there forcing their husbands to watch it repetedly.  😆

The utterance ‘I ain’t your mama’ really makes me think of Brazilian women, specially the married ones. I agree, some men simply don’t get it.  How come many Brazilian men get married hoping their wives to treat them like babies? I know that most people support the message behind that song, but let me play the devil’s advocate for a moment.  To me, it seems as though many women act the same from a different standpoint. And heres why. A close friend of mine usually says that women tend to look at their would-be husbands the same way they look up to their dads. I’m not saying all women want future husbands to either resemble or behave like their fathers. But one may argue that females are always looking for protection.

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of her songs, although like every ordinary man, I would not miss to see a beautiful chick performing a new hit. Please don’t get me wrong. I do NOT mean to sound like a chauvinist pig, it’s just me being straight with all due respect to both the singer and her staff.  I thinks it’s fair enough to state that Mrs. Loppez is a very beautiful lady and her fame did not pop up with the help of a genie in a lamp. That’s called hard-work, indeed.


I ain’t Your MamaSuspicion of Plagiarism

As I said, I learned about I ain’t your Mama through Youtube recommendations. I played it three times. Then I started forwarding and rewarding a certain section of the video. I also paused it a couple of times. I felt something caught my attention in her speech just at the beggining of the video.  Those words rang the bell. The way the character emphasized them indicated they sounded somewhat familiar to me.


I trully believe Jennifer’s staff picked a few statements from a 2013 video featuring famous actor Jeremy Irons –  a campaign to end hunger. Go ahead and check each section from the video below.

I’m Mad As Hell Video: 

  • 0:03 (I don’t have to tell you things are bad)
  • 0:39 (we gotta get mad)
  • 0:43 (stick your head outta the window and yell)

Not to mention the emphatic repetition of ‘I’m mad as hell’ (0:45 – 0:48) in the video. With no shadow of doubt that’s the most intense part in which the actor emphasizes his cry for action.

Now let’s take a lok at I Ain’t Your Mama video by Jennifer Lopez.

I Ain’t Your Mama Video: 

  • 01:00 (I don’t have to tell you things are bad)
  • 01:15 (you got to get mad)
  • 1:21 (go to the window, open your doors, stick you head out and yell)

One can easily infer from the diva’s video that people yell I ain’t your mama as a response for her “call to rebellion” speech. Both of the videos have such likeness in common.  Asking for people to take action and having them do so is not what makes them identical but the way that conjures up.

Coincidence or not, plagiarism may not be how we best decribe these similarities. Nevertheless, you can draw your own conclusions after watching the videos after and after again.

For one thing we do not know whether or not  this was malevolently motivated and to top that off, the Thriller-like coreoraphy at 04:13 kinda terribly sucks.  😆 

What do you think of such coincidences? Please let us know!  😎


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