Texto de Inglês Para Interpretação (Pequeno Texto)

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Texto de Ingl√™s Para Interpreta√ß√£o √© o que veremos no artigo de hoje. Como j√° explicamos outras vezes, aqui, em nossa p√°gina. em nossa p√°gina, voc√™ encontra diversos outros textos de ingl√™s para estudantes dos mais variados n√≠veis. O pequeno texto abaixo √© de nossa autoria. √Č poss√≠vel utiliz√°-lo, desde que seja citada a sua fonte. Al√©m disso, autorizamos mudan√ßas pontuais nele, contanto que seja mencionada a sua fonte, isto √©, www.inglesnoteclado.com.br. √Č muito importante que mais pessoas conhe√ßam o nosso trabalho. Estamos no ar desde 2009. Em nosso canal no Youtube, voc√™ confere todas as nossas aulas de ingl√™s online. Vamos ao texto, ent√£o? N√£o de conferir as respostas para as quest√Ķes, ao final.

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What Does Mimimi Stand For?

The three-syllable word Mimimi is neither an abbreviation nor an Acronym. In truth, it usually describes the act of making silly compaints. Brazilians are familiar with this interjection. If a guest overreacts because a hair has been found on his or her pillow at a hotel room, Brazilians tend to label such behavior as Mimimi. Again, it boils down to the idea of being overly critical. Some say the word mimimi originated in the political environment. Therefore, hate groups are said to have first coinned the word. When it comes to human rights discussions, far-right extremists may chime in with  Mimimi in order to discredit important issues such as police brutality, policy on refugees, trangender rights, and so forth. However, one shall not talk about these subjects and the posture of finding fault with everything in the same breath. They are like apples and oranges.

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QUESTÃO 1 -According to the text what is Mimimi?

a) Hate groups.

b) Giving too much attention to details that are not important.

c) Police brutality, policy on refugees, trangender rights.

d) Apples and oranges.

QUESTÃO 2 РWhat does the idiom apples and oranges mean?

a) To say or show that two things are related, when they are not.

b) To say or show that two things arenot related, when they are not.

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c) Not to say or show that two things are related.

d) To say or show that two things are related, when they actually are.

QUESTÃO 3 РWhat does the idiom in the same breath mean?

a) at the same time.

b) at different times.

c) at certain times.

d) None of the above.

QUEST√ÉO 4 –¬†¬†The three-syllable word Mimimi:¬†

a) isn’t a word.

b)¬†isn’t an¬†interjection.

c)¬†isn’t an¬†abbreviation.

d) is an acronym.

QUEST√ÉO 5 –¬†The three-syllable word Mimimi

a) is used exclusively by hate groups.

b) was first used by hate groups.

c) should not be used indistinctively.

d) was banned a few years ago.



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