Palavras de ligação, conjunçÔes e conectores em InglĂȘs

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Na língua inglesa, é possível usarmos termos de ligação entre oraçÔes tornando a fala ou a escrita muito mais compreensível e menos fragmentada.

É que com o uso de palavras de ligação, conjunçÔes e conectores em InglĂȘs, a nossa linha de raciocĂ­nio fica em completa sincronia, evitando desentendimentos que facilmente ocorreriam se nĂŁo usĂĄssemos esses termos.

Abaixo, destacamos alguns desses termos que separamos de acordo com os grupos:

  • Addition
  • Alternative
  • Condition
  • Consequence or result
  • Constrast
  • Manner
  • Purpose
  • Reason
  • Time
  • Comparsion
  • Empashis
  • Exemplifications
  • Sumarry

Confira todos os termos importantes para tornar as suas idĂ©ias mais fluidas em InglĂȘs e como empregar palavras de ligação, conjunçÔes e conectores em InglĂȘs. Ou conectivos, se assim preferir.


1. And

Ex: And she reminded us that it’s not his first time in jail.


2. Both…and…

Ex: He has both the money and the time to play Gulf. 


3. As well as

Ex: I’m buying milk as well as coffee.


4. Not only… but also

Ex: Fernando de Noronha is not only one of Brazil’s nicest places but also one of its most visited.


5. Besides

Ex: Besides tellig her she should quit her job he told her to dump her boyfriend.


6. Furthermore

Ex: My mother’s just got back on her feet. Futhermore, she’s just bought a new house.


7. Moreover

Ex: Religion classes should be forbidden in schools. Moreover, schools should allow kids to choose what religion they belong to.


8. Or

Ex: Or the could very well pick what classes they would like to attend to.


9. Either….or

Ex: They can either eat chiken or fish.


10. Neither….nor

Ex: They can play neither soccer not footbal.


Veja um dos textos mais acessados dessa pĂĄgina (e escute):

palavras em inglĂȘs

Palavras em InglĂȘs que te fazem escorregar na pronĂșncia


11. If

Ex: She will succeed if she studies.

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12. Unless

Ex: Unless you change your ways, he’s not gonna talk to you ever again.


13. As long as

Ex: As long as you help me, I can give you a hand.


14. Provided that

Ex: I’ll stay here provided that you say too.


Consequence or result

15. So

Ex: It was late, so I went to bed.


16. Thus

Ex: The dogs are very dirty and thus you will have to keep them away from the guests.


17. Hence

Ex: They are no longer coming and hence we don’t have to buy so much food.


18. Therefore

Ex: My brother turned the frige off. Thereofre, the beer got warm.


19. Accordingly

Ex: She  continued to have migraines and accordingly returned to the doctor. 


20. Consequently

Ex: She didn’t get a raise. Consequenty, she decided to quit her job.



expressĂ”es fĂĄceis em inglĂȘsExpressĂ”es fĂĄceis em InglĂȘs que me professor nĂŁo me ensinou


21. Though

Ex: He still argues, though he knows he’s wrong.

22. Although

Ex: Although he already had a mobile phone he decided to buy a new one.

23. Even Though

Ex: Even though she still loves me, she won’t answer to any of my calls.

24. Despite/ inspite of

Ex: Despite the fact  that is raining we’re still going out tonight.

25. But

Ex: She is tired but happy.

26. Yet

Ex: They broke up, yet met the next day.

27. However

Ex: I don’t eat fish. However, I really like eating lobsters.

28. Nevertheless

Ex: You can’t chat here. Nevertheless, you can talk to each other in the next classroom.

29. On the Other hand

Ex: I couldn’t fix it, on the other hand my brother handled it.

30. Whereas

Ex: I like to play soccer, whereas Paula likes to play the piano.

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Outros textos que podem te interessar:



31. As

Ex: He plays as he enjoys.


32. As if

Ex: He talked to me as if I didn’t something wrong.


33. As tough

Ex:  It seems as though they didn’t send me the confirmation code.




34. So as to

Ex: He plays soccer so as to lose weight.


35. In order to

Ex: We called her in order to book a table for five.


36. So that

Ex: She shouted so that he could hear her.




37. Because 

Ex: Because she was late she took a taxi.


38. For

Ex: He jumped for joy.


39. Because of this

Ex: Because of this, we should start caring more about animals than humans.


40. For that reason

Ex: For that reason, they should try to make it up to them.



41. As soon as

Ex: As soon as they finish, we will leave.


42. When

Ex: My back hurts when I walk.


43. While

Ex: It was fun while it lasted.


44. Till

Ex: He said he will fight till death.


45. Until

Ex: We drank until dawn.


47. In the mean time

Ex: In the mean time, he fixed the fridge.


48. Since

Ex: I haven’t seen her since June.


49. Meanwhile

Ex: The board is deliberating; meanwhile, we must be patient.


50. In the same way

Ex: They talk about teachers in the same way my mother talks about doctors.


51. Like

Ex: He speaks like his brother.


52. Likewise

Ex: Jack did it likewise.

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53. Similarly

Ex: Most of the women were similarly dressed.


54. Indeed

Ex: I kew he would win and indeed he did.


55. In fact

Ex: In fact, he could have talked to them before making such decision.


56.  Certainly

Ex:  She may certainly be invited.


57. Actually

Ex: He is actually a singer, not an actor.


58. As a matter of fact

Ex: As a matter of fact, I’m tired of this situation.





59. For example

Ex:  Buy something simple, for example, some apple and some bananas. 


60. For instance

Ex: For instance, she could go to her friends and try to find a way to solve this without war.


61. Namely

Ex:  It was another colour, namely red.


62. That is (to say)

Ex: She’s not going to joing us, that is, she will stay here.


63. Such as

Ex: An enemy such as him, should be killed without hesitation.


64. in other words

 Ex: In other words, you are fired.



65. To sum up

Ex: To sum up,  the government should use taxes to fill holes with more ciment.


66. In summary

Ex: In summary, they killed two people and stole the yellow car.


67. Briefly

Ex: Briefly, the politicians were taken into custody and were charged with corruption pratices.


68. To conclude

Ex: To conclude, it is highly recommeded that people start caring more about what they eat.


69. In a word

Ex: In a word, there are great chances of Brazil becoming one of the best countries to live.


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